Kowloon Commercial Project

  • Project Type: Commercial Project
  • LOCATION:Kollam
  • UNITS: 25000 SQ.FT
  • STATUS: Ongoing Project

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The Master of Reinvention

Welcome to Kowloon, a prestigious project of the Nate team, done in collaboration with reputed partners, Vijayalaxmi Cashews and TKM group. Kowloon, a commercial space in the heart of Kollam, is designed to create connections, spark curiosity and foster your success. Our carefully curated spaces, concierge services and exclusive events, support business leaders, creators and innovators. Kowloon derives its inspiration from the root name of Quilon, which came from the Chinese traders who traded with Kollam centuries ago. It is also related to the main business area of Hong Kong.

Be in The Heart of Kollam

No two districts are the same, no two locations are the same either. Kollam is an entertainment district and Chinnakada, a 365-day neighbourhood. Being the main shopping area of the town, it is a busy hub with people converging from across the district and beyond to shop.

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